So many career options, but which one is right for you?

That's exactly what Career Class is for -

to help smart, motivated people (like yourself) figure out what career is really right for YOU.


You see ads for every profession.

They look exciting.


BUT, do they know you

Do they know what's right for you?


That's what you'll learn in Career Class:

Who you truly are.

What are your unique talents, abilities, interests?

What will will excite you everyday?

Most importantly though, we discover YOU,

and how to choose a career that fits you, just right.


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Hi, I'm Shaina Keren,

and I've been asked this heartbreaking question too many times:

"Why didn't anyone teach me this 10 years ago?!?"

It's not surprising. 70% of people hate going to work AND they have no idea what they would actually enjoy doing! 

That's what we do in Career Class: help you make the career decision that's right for you

Guess what graduates of this class say?

"This was probably the single best investment of my life."

I'm a Career Coach and Consultant,

and help professionals answer these questions:

What would I really enjoy doing? 

What am I really good at?

People who have great jobs, but never took the time to discover what work truly fits them, end up... confused, unhappy, and wishing they would have figured this all out years ago.

So, we go back to the beginning, and get to know who they really are, and what kind of work will make them feel alive again.

It works.

But you know what works even better? 

Doing it BEFORE you're stuck in a miserable career.


And that is what Career Class is for.

I'm sure you've taken classes that have taught you important things - like how your body works, and what a proper noun is, and maybe even to speak another language! You may even know how to do cool things like play guitar, and maybe you're a straight A student.

That's all wonderful. 

But have you taken a class that prepares you for real life?

A class that teaches you what you need to know to make a decision that will affect how you'll spend YEARS of your life?

Finally, you get to choose how you'll spend your time everyday. But how are you supposed to make this major life decision?

CAREER CLASS, that's how.

It's where we learn everything you need to know to make a career decision that you feel GREAT about, so you can confidently approach the next chapter of your life with excitement! (Imagine that?)


I was so confused. Everyone I knew was telling me different things. Finally, I understand myself and what I need! I have a plan, and I'm actually excited now!

Sarala W

I always knew what I wanted to do, but it seemed like a strange idea for someone my age. After taking this class, I knew that I had to go for it. Thank you for saving me years of doing something 'normal'.

Kayla M

I was struggling between 2 fields, and really couldn't decide which one was for me. Now I get it - it's so obvious once I learned how to choose a career using these tools.



It seems like everyone else knows what they want to do. 

So, why is this so hard for you???

I'll tell you what I think. 

People who have a hard time choosing a career often fall into one of these categories.

  • Very talented, and CAN actually do a number of things. (We call that a Multi-Potential-ite.)
  • Don't recognize their own talents, and need help discovering them
  • Have 'expectations' from others that they're unsure about
  • Don't know all of the career options
  • Know what they're good at, but don't know what jobs use those skills

Do any of those sound like you? 

In Career Class, we answer all of these questions. 

What's in Career Class?


Everything you need to know to choose a career. 

You'll discover your Career Personality, Your Aptitudes, Your Career Values, Workplace Needs, Personal Interests, Resume and Salary Guide... 

When you have the right tools to make this decision, all those confusing questions go out the window. 

Discover your talents. Choose a Career. Get a Job.


Career Class


Available at this price ONLY before April 25, 2021